To Simplify Procurement

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about consus

Consus is a global procurement solutions integrator and services provider. With offices across Malaysia, Philippines, India, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA and Canada, Consus collaborates with customers to implement source to pay (S2P) solutions and services required for rapid adoption, and realize the return on investment envisaged from such procurement initiatives.

Having worked with over 200 customers globally, Consus is appropriately positioned to collaborate with customers whether it is around deploying an S2P solution or assisting with strategic sourcing services or enabling supplier collaboration through supplier enablement services or helping them make cleanse, analyze and structure historical spend data and managing legacy contracts.

In 2017, Consus was rated in the top 10 procurement services providers for Asia by APAC CIO Forum.

Our Vision

We want to build an organization that provides true value to customers. While aligning to their business goals is absolutely imperative, we also want to continuously challenge and collaborate to deliver solutions rapidly and accurately.

We want to build an organization that fosters innovation and intrapreneurship at every level in the organization.

how we collaborate With customers

We help our clients realise their Source-to-Pay vision by implementing, supporting and enabling cloud-based S2P technologies or custom solutions.

  • Cost reduction of 5-25%
  • Reduce P2P cycle time, increase transparency, drive collaboration and cost savings
  • Higher contract compliance
  • Better supplier collaboration
  • Better insights into areas of consolidation and supplier rationalization