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“Arzoo” is established in 2013 to manage grooming of children aged 2-6 years


As we know, education creates the foundation for a child, but the bitter truth is that a large chunk of our population is still deprived of such facilities in our country.

“Arzoo” (meaning ‘To Aspire’) is an attempt to eradicate illiteracy among the weakest section of the society. By introducing a vocational skill development programme, we’re focusing on quality education and skill development of a child. ‘Arzoo - A Centre for Learning' is located in a village called Hariahera (18 kilometres from Gurgaon, primarily a dalit village) and in Rajendra Park (about 3 kilometres from Gurgaon railway station).

At Arzoo we cater to the age group of 3-6 years, where we provide education to 90+ students. Under this program, we offer them 360 degree learning and nurture their creativity and imagination in such a way that they don’t lag behind in the subsequent years of schooling.


Setting up new centres for betterment of education for under privileged children. Encouraging female child participation and getting them enrolled in our schools. Running campaign in rural areas and educating parents about the importance of pursuing schooling for at least 15 years after they complete their basic education at “Arzoo”. Conducting awareness campaigns in order to develop healthy habits

Approach at Arzoo

  • Interactive Learning: Through an approach which is otherwise not available to the children residing in villages, we foster learning through innovative ways that includes showing them presentations to make them aware of their surroundings.
  • Theme Based Curriculum: We, at Arzoo, make the curriculum interesting and interactive for the budding group of students.
  • Inclusive Learning: We organise mentoring sessions for the parents so they understand the importance of education.
  • Changing Lifestyle: We run educational campaigns such as healthy habit, hygiene, and population control in the rural areas.
  • Overall Development: Besides imparting education, we also focus on extracurricular activities for our kids.
  • Healthy Food Habit: Free mid-day meal for the kids keeping their nutritional benefits in mind.
  • Student Motivation and Engagement: Free books and necessary material such as stationary to support the needy.

The Impact

Till date, Arzoo operates two schools in Gurgaon and has provided education to more than 160 children. In addition to education, students are provided a nutritious mid-day meal and emphasis is given to art and crafts, music, dance and sports activities. Over the last two years, the average attendance rate has increased multi-fold. Due to the constant efforts to educate parents, they now understand the importance of sending their children to our school. We have a healthy gender mix of students (50:50).

After the students are 6 years old, we assist families in the daunting task of enrolling the students into government or public schools for higher education. Each child at Consus has a dream and the school nurtures those dreams with fun-filled, immersive education. Consus motivates the child to chase the dream and work hard in his life to fulfil that dream. We seek to achieve a better tomorrow through the medium of education and unleash the power of knowledge that is inaccessible to the millions.

We follow an all English based curriculum so that our kids become capable of reading and understanding the language by the time they turn 6.

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