Healthy Habit Campaign(2015-2016-2017):

To inculcate good Hygiene habit in the children we at Consus foundation chose to organize health camps regularly for the children and the parents of the village. We taught them how a simple hand wash or learning to flush goes a long way in preventing illness. Parents were guided that how clean sanitation prevent many diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera and how to maintain hygiene and prevent disease despite insufficient sanitation facilities at home.

A Visit to PVR (9th June 2016)

Children of Aarzoo were invited by PVR for a special movie screening of Dhanak on 9th June 2016. It was a fun-filled day for the kids who made the most out of the opportunity of watching a movie for the first time in the theatre.

Population control Awareness Camp (25th July 2016)

Consus Foundation organized population control camp where we made every participant understand the need to play a role in this initiative. We tried to educate each lady at the camp that how important it is to have a small family.We also conducted a separate session with the mother-in-law’s of the ladies, where we explained them that even if it’s a girl child they don’t have to keep on giving birth to a child till they have a boy.

Medicinal Plantation Drive(23rd may 2017)

We at Consus wanted our students to know the importance of plants and make them aware about its medicinal benefits.We taught them how a small plant planted in their house will be so much beneficial and useful. Our aim is to promote green plantation and finding natural cure of normal health concerns.

Organic Farming Awareness Campaign(15th March 2018)

Consus Foundation took initiative to raise the awareness about organic farming and its importance, amongst the farmer of Hariahera village. We aimed at educating the farmers on how to use organic farming techniques to reduce their cost of production, by minimizing usage of expensive chemicals and fertilizersand pursue environment friendly agriculture.

Visit to National Zoological park (30th March 2014)

Consus does not only believe in giving the children the book knowledge, we want them to see the world. On the occasion of Women’s day we organized a one day trip to NATIONAL ZOOLOGICAL PARK for the kids and their mothers. Before taking our kids to visit the zoo we familiarized them with our zoological ecosystem with the means of visual aids.