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Solution Deployment

s2P implementation

The effectiveness of a Source-to-Pay solution depends on how it has been implemented. Apart from an in-depth understanding of the system, optimum implementation requires the ability to integrate complex systems, the flexibility to appreciate the current maturity and absorption capacity of the client, rigor in configuring modules, and minimal customisation. Our clients, whether in manufacturing or in services, vouch for Consus’ nuanced, no-frills governance approach. Our implementation team has more than 15 years experience, particularly with cloud-based solutions.


Achieved significant cost avoidance in contracts and 75% reduction in process lifecycle time.
Headquarters: India | Sales: $320 Million | Industry: Technical Textiles

Source-to-pay Solutions: Modules

Choosing an ideal solution can be somewhat confusing, but with our guidance you can make the right selection all the way through to implementation, training and development, and monitoring systems.

Whether you are looking for a complete Source-to-Pay solution, only sourcing, or just the Purchase-to-Pay modules, our team works with you to ensure your objectives are achieved. Our technology partners offer the following modules, integrated on a single-code base, yet modularised for partial scope deployments.

  • Spend Analysis
  • Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Items and Catalogues
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Orders
  • Goods Receipts
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Assets Management
  • Travel & Expenses
  • Reporting

Implementation Process: On Time, On Budget

Our process follows industry-standard implementation agile methodology– requirements design, and build undertaken iteratively through sprints. Once successfully agreed with clients, we move on data migration, user acceptance, go-live, post-go-live support, and training and change management. Some aspects are highlighted below


Standard deployment, business requirement and design workshops

Our approach is to give the customer access to an out-of-the-box system to begin with. This not only helps the customer to mentally map many workflows that he might have to follow but also gives him a sense of possibilities, including best practices in the industry. Our business analysts and functional teams work closely with appropriate stakeholders/customer to define business requirements. We believe that this is always iterative and our methodology towards requirements gathering and design is based on an iterative approach.



We use an agile methodology and an iterative build sprint approach. More often than not, initial sprints lead to new requirements or changes to existing workflows. Our methodology is designed in a way to accommodate such changes.



Team Consus will integrate your new Source-To-Pay solution with all existing systems, such as ERP, supplier master, and item master. We provide one-off migration of all your data from existing systems. Our recent clients have been floored by our ability to demonstrate integration skills and the technology’s sophistication in a live workshop forum. With another client, we recently completed not just the exposure of our S2P technology - APIs to SAP, but also took responsibility for developing new middleware, and exposing APIs on the client’s side (typically the responsibility of the client) – all in two months. Our integration and user acceptance testing is rigorous. It has received 85% pass-rates in the first release. Integration with 3rd party content providers, banks, and supplier’s eco-systems via EDI and cXML are highly sought out by our clients.


Testing and user acceptance

We use a variety of testing techniques to ensure robustness of the solution. These techniques can mainly be categorized into three types: Functional (system, integration, user acceptance), Non- Functional (cloud load, stress, scalability and latency) and Ability Testing (compatibility, interoperability, disaster recovery).


Change management

Your new source-to-pay solution can only be effective if its users are fully versed with the nuances of the system. Consus smoothens the adoption process with extended on-the-ground training. We can even co-pilot the technology with you, for specific modules (e.g., sourcing), since we believe it’s the most impactful and sustainable form of organisation learning. We also streamline the restructuring of your approval processes and assist in switching over to a new supplier. Elements of stakeholder buy-in and communications are ensured early and continuously as some S2P modules can impact a large user base.

What You Get

  • Reduced implementation time, complexity, and risk
  • Predictable implementation cost
  • Standard reporting across all subject areas
  • Robust visibility model tailored for your organization
  • Role based security and secure data access
  • Maximum ROI

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